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10mm d6 Sauropod Dinosaur Dwarven Stones®
10mm d6 Sauropod Dinosaur Dwarven Stones® Quantity in Basket: None
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From Before the Time of Men

During the late Jurassic period, between 156 and 144 million years ago, in the area that is now Moab, Utah, a dinosaur succumbed to the shadow of death. Over the millennium its bones fossilized. The artisans of Crystal Caste® turned these remains into Dwarven Stones®. There are only three full sets in existence. A very limited number of 12mm single D6s remain. They’re going to go fast and may never be available again. With your dice, you will receive a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Genus: Camarasaurus
Classification: Sauropoda (largest dinosaurs to roam the earth)
Length: up to 20m (66 feet)
Weight: up to 20 tons (40,000 lbs)
Height: could probably reach 7-8m (23-26 feet)