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   The Farmhouse
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The Farmhouse
The Farmhouse Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 40000
Price: $171.00
The Farmhouse come with the following modules: The Barn: Measures 5” wide by 11 Ό” long. Double doors swing open and closed on front and back of barn. Back side has attached shed that also has moving doors. Both rooms have a removable roof. Detail is phenomenal! The Gatehouse: The detailed building has pass through double doors front and back. There is also a swinging gate in the wall and the roof is removable. Comes with an L shaped section of wall that can be used in multiple configurations. Additional shipping will apply to non-US addresses. The Cottage: Measures 4” by 5 Ύ” and is a two story building. Swinging doors front and back with five detailed windows. Tudor style over-hang on second story. Roof removes to allow easy access to the inside. The Stable: Measures 4” wide by 12” long. Main building has two swinging single doors on the front. Right side has exterior stairs that lead to a second story where there is functional door. Left side has large double doors for maybe a smithy or tack room. Removable roof too.