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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you have to torture captives or use spells in order to extract information. Here, we have it organized for your convenience. All you have to do is scroll.
(Spells and torture are optional)


Q: Why is the company called ‘Crystal Caste’?
A: Due to the unique design and shape of the crystal dice, which were patented by the creator of the company and can only be sold by Crystal Caste.

Q: Where is Crystal Caste based?
A: Crystal Caste is based in Tucson, Arizona.

Commemorative Sets:

Q: What are Commemorative Sets?
A: These dice sets commemorate the annual tradeshow season that we all have come to enjoy so much.  Each year Crystal Caste develops a color scheme that will never be repeated again which is used for this truly collectable item.

Q: What are Commemorative pipped dice?
A: The pipped dice which have been given away for free at their respective trade shows also commemorate the annual tradeshow season that we all have come to enjoy so much.  The  developed color scheme that will never be repeated again is also used for these dice and fit into the 8th slot in the commemorative tin.

Q: What is the difference between the Crystal Caste Commemorative sets and the GenCon/Origins Commemorative sets?
A: Inside the tins are the same dice. One is a licensed packaged item and one is the Crystal Caste packaged item.  Crystal Caste wanted to offer a more inexpensive alternative.

Combat Mats:

Q: What are the combat mats made from?
A: The CombatMats™ are made from vinyl and are printed on both sides.  They are to be used with wet erase markers only.

Dwarven Stones:

Q: Are the Dwarven Stones dice balanced?
A: The Dwarven Stones will never roll as casino dice do (which is probably the most accurate dice around as they are precision machined) but they will be more than close enough for role-playing.

Q: Can I buy a single die instead of buying the entire Dwarven set?
A: One of the reasons we can keep the prices so reasonable is that we produce balanced sets and at the moment we do not offer single dice except at trade shows we attend.

Q: Are the stone dice fragile?
A: Please remember that these dice are made from real stone and some are more fragile than others, depending on their MOH (hardness scale) factor.  Dropping them from a table or throwing the dice may chip them, but they have always held up well while being rolled. Natural materials are indeed full of innate flaws, but if the dice survive the rigorous cutting process, they should have a long life with normal handling.

Q: What happens if my Dwarven Stones arrive broken or I break them after use?
A: If this happens, we will replace Dwarven Stones if they are broken on arrival as well as even replace stones beyond that for 30 days if they are broken in normal use. What constitutes normal use is rolling the dice on an appropriate table, not throwing them on the ground or dropping them from unreasonable heights.

Q: What do I do if there are cracks in my Dwarven Stone dice?
A: Minerals are full of flaws in real life, so it is natural that there are some cracks and fractures in the finished product.  The minerals are cut, ground, and polished to make the shape and then they are engraved with the numbers.  It’s such a rigorous process that any real flaws will cause the die to break during its creation.  The flaws that remain are “healed” cracks and fractures that should pose no problem, but add to the uniqueness of each die.  As long as you use the die in normal use and store it in a reasonable manner, you should be able to use it indefinitely.

As more frequently asked questions come in, we will add additional responses.